6 Tips to Stick To a Diet and Keep Weight Off Once and For All

Summer is around the corner and many people are trying to shed some pounds and get ready for the beach. While the idea of getting in shape is very motivating, it is fair to acknowledge that sticking to a diet over the long-term is easier said than done.
A lot of times people go on so-called “crash diets”, where they eat significantly less than they used to very rapidly, and often don’t consume enough healthy nutrients. A lot of those “crash diets” consist of plain proteins and vegetables with minimum to none carbs and fats.
While you might lose some weight initially, after some time your body will crash, and you will fall back into bad eating habits and eventually regain all your weight.
Sticking to a diet and losing weight the right way must be done slowly and patiently, for it to be effective.
In this article, I will share with you 10 tips to stick to a diet and keep weight off once and for all.

TIP #1 Prepare your meals in advance

You’ve probably heard the phrase “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”
This phrase holds a lot of truth when it comes to dieting.
Being proactive and having healthy meals prepared for the week is one of the most effective ways to ensure you will stick to eating healthy food and lose weight gradually.
After a long day of work or at school, you don’t really feel like standing in the kitchen cooking up chicken and broccoli. Grabbing instead a bag of chips or ordering a pizza can be really tempting, as it barely takes any effort.
However, if you have healthy food already cooked in advance, it is far more likely you will eat that instead of eating something processed.
In his book “Meal Prep” author ……. shares some great tips on how to meal prep and gives some great insight on how to store the food, grocery shopping lists, etc.

TIP #2 Consume more protein

Protein is very satiating. When you increase your protein intake in a meal, chances are you will feel a lot fuller and resist the urge to grab some fast food instead.
Protein sources such as egg whites, chicken breast and salmon are all excellent protein sources and a staple for most weight loss diets.
Sometimes eating plain chicken breast or egg whites can be boring and bland, and therefore it’s not very easy to consume those sources on a regular basis.
Thankfully though, there are a lot of great ways to make those foods taste a lot better and without having to add a bunch of extra calories.
Instead of eating plain chicken breast with broccoli, you can chop up a salad with spinach, tomatoes and cucumbers (or whichever raw vegetable you like), add some balsamic vinegar, and you have yourself a tasty chicken salad.
You can also check ….. recipe book for some awesome healthy recipe ideas

TIP #3 Avoid drinking your calories

I must admit but I love drinking fresh fruit juice when the weather starts getting warmer. There is nothing better than drinking some freshly pressed orange juice on a hot summer day. And although there is nothing unhealthy in a fresh fruit juice, it is not satiating at all.
Just think about it, a glass of 400ml orange juice is around 40 grams of carbohydrates. Drinking that while you are hungry will probably not satisfy your hunger. If you ate instead 40 grams of carbs in whole oranges, you would have to eat around 3 to 4 oranges! That’s a lot of food for the same number of calories!
So, whenever you feel like drinking a protein shake or some fruit juice, consider eating whole foods instead, as it will make you fuller and you will most likely avoid eating excess calories later during the day.

TIP #4 Drink more water

When it comes to losing weight, hydration is key. Drinking a lot of water will keep you full and energized throughout the whole day. Not only that but your workouts and cardio sessions will be a lot more effective when you are properly hydrated. Now, you don’t have to jug down gallons of water all day long, as too much water might not be ideal, but typically one gallon of water a day should be good.

TIP #5 Eat more fibre

Just like protein, fibre is extremely satiating. It’s very hard to overeat foods that are high in fibre, as fibre will make you full fast. Luckily, adding more fibre to your diet is easy. One thing you can do is to swap out white bread and pasta, with whole wheat bread and pasta. The calories are identical, but the fibre intake is a lot higher in the whole wheat version. Same thing with rice. Brown rice contains significantly more fibre, than white rice.
And of course, don’t forget fruits and vegetables, which are both very high in fibre, and will keep you full and satisfied, without eating a ton of them.

TIP #6 Give yourself a break

Sometimes dieting for too long can be really exhausting, especially mentally. You start craving your favourite foods more and more as time goes on, and eventually, all you think about is eating a box of cookies and some ice cream.
Depriving yourself of your favourite foods is hard, and sometimes you have the urge to binge eat on those foods. But often, one cookie can turn into two cookies, and before you know it, you ate the whole box.
Therefore it might be a good idea to have a cheat meal once a week, or once every two weeks. It can really help you with battling those cravings and keep you sane.


I really hope you liked the tips I shared with you guys and apply some of those tips in your dieting efforts, and hopefully, see some amazing results. If you liked this article, be sure to check my other blog post on how to stick to a workout program, which you might also find helpful.

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